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Above all skateboarding is about community (12 photos)

An open letter on behalf of the Thunder Bay skateboard community.

An open letter on behalf of the Thunder Bay skateboard community,

No doubt you've seen us ripping around our beloved Waterfront Skate Plaza, cruising the trails, or putting in work at the several facilities throughout our fine city. Your reaction falls somewhere between, “ What is wrong with these people?” and “ OMG THAT’S SO COOL!!!”. 

Those who don’t get it never will, but if you think that maybe, just maybe, skateboarding is for you, please allow me to share some insight.

Before you learn to pop an ollie or tail drop in (epic moments), there’s an equally intimidating obstacle-entrance. How can one possibly show up and skate with all these talented individuals around? Well, skaters are a tricksy lot and the trick to that one is easy: Just show up.

There are usually loaner boards kicking around at the plaza, if you’d just like to try just ask someone. If you’re ready to go for it, Eclectic Skateshop will help set you up with the best board possible. They’ve been taking care of the community since 2013 and have managed to overcome the current supply chain issues extremely well. The shack at the plaza is open most evenings and you can reach them on Instagram @eclecticskateshop

Once you’re off and rolling you’ll likely want a little (or a lot) of coaching. You’ll find that just by getting out there and pushing around with a friendly face, and you can ask just about anybody for help. 

If you’re looking for something a little more low key, the Female Skateboarding Coalition does lessons on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. for all abilities, genders, anybody. They’re putting in awesome work and have quite a few rising stars in their ranks.

Then once you’ve found your feet all you need is a little stoke! You can find that anywhere, anytime, but  when it comes to hype, you’re looking for Skate Nasty They’re hosting a competition the last Sunday of every month with prizes, giveaways and incentives for all abilities, in addition to other events throughout the year and it’s always a great time.

Above all though, it’s about the community.  As individual as skateboarding is, it’s really a team effort.  All for one and one for all. So don’t just think about it, come join our collective of weirdos, misfits and out casts and GET U SOME!!!  We're waiting for you.


Your new friends, excited to meet you

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