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Letters to the Editor

<b>Letter to the editor:</b> Council concerns

Letter to the editor: Council concerns

Mr. Angus has preposterously restated yet again his commitment to the event centre. Incumbent councilors had to know last election, when they ran on their event centre, that it had no chance of senior government funding.
<b>Letter to the editor:</b>  Northern support for the NextBridge transmission project

Letter to the editor: Northern support for the NextBridge transmission project

Open letter to the Ontario Energy Board, We are writing on behalf of the Quad Council; a Northern Ontario political alliance that represents the municipalities of Red Rock, Nipigon, Dorion and the Red Rock Indian Band to provide a coll
<b>Letter to the editor:</b> Community needs versus community wants

Letter to the editor: Community needs versus community wants

My campaign has focused upon people, places and things with a dialogue regarding community needs vs community wants.
<b>Letter to the editor:</b> Hardworking candidate

Letter to the editor: Hardworking candidate

To the editor: Since leaving Confederation College in 2015, I had the privilege of being the executive assistant to Bill Mauro. On a daily basis I witnessed how hard he worked and the results he was able to achieve.
<b>Letter to the editor:</b> Supporting Frank Pullia

Letter to the editor: Supporting Frank Pullia

Why I Support Frank Pullia, 18 years ago I walked into a campaign office and made the decision to support a candidate for Mayor who I thought would provide a better future for Thunder Bay and more specifically, Thunder Bay’s Youth.
<b>Letter to the editor:</b> Serious reservations

Letter to the editor: Serious reservations

To the editor: After attending the Mayoral candidate forum at the Moose Hall hosted by the Thunder Bay and district Labour council on October 11, 2018, I have serious reservations about candidate Shane Judge’s understanding of the mayoral role
<b>Letter to the editor:</b> Neighbourhood concerns

Letter to the editor: Neighbourhood concerns

To the editor: I am gravely concerned about the citizens in the Windsor/Picton/Blucher neighbourhood. Over the course of the past year, this neighbourhood has endured gangs moving in, gun shots fired and drug trafficking activity.
<b>Letter to the editor:</b> Thunder Bay facing challenges

Letter to the editor: Thunder Bay facing challenges

There is no question that the City of Thunder Bay faces challenges.
<b>Letter to the editor:</b> Angus for mayor

Letter to the editor: Angus for mayor

To the editor: I am writing to share why I am proud and excited to be voting for Iain Angus for Mayor. Angus has substantial and valuable experience for the job as Mayor.
<b>Letter to the editor:</b> Choose candidates who will invest in children

Letter to the editor: Choose candidates who will invest in children

To the editor: The August/September issue of ‘mytbay’ has pictures of several members from the Regional Multicultural Youth Council urging young people to help shape the future of our city with the 2018 Municipal Election.