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Letters to the Editor

<b>Letter to the Editor:</b> Focus on education

Letter to the Editor: Focus on education

College officials have lost focus on what's important -- the students' education.
<b>Letter to the Editor:</b>  Waverley Park Remembrance Day Parade and Service thank you

Letter to the Editor: Waverley Park Remembrance Day Parade and Service thank you

Thanks for everyone who made the Remembrance Day ceremony at Waverley Park such a special occasion last Saturday.
<b>Letter to the Editor:</b> Hells Angels return

Letter to the Editor: Hells Angels return

Are the Hells Angels that bad, wonders letter writer.
<b>Letter to the Editor:</b> Building blocks to reconciliation

Letter to the Editor: Building blocks to reconciliation

The Regional Multicultural Youth Council (RMYC) is working on a project to advocate for Indigenous, racialized and minority students whose voices are often not heard, hoping that their concerns will be addressed in our schools.
<b>Letter to the Editor:</b> In response to Council condemns Beyak's comments.

Letter to the Editor: In response to Council condemns Beyak's comments.

Coun. Shelby Ch'ng's motion should have been ratified at the city council meeting immediately after the committee of the whole meeting when it was introduced on Sept. 23.
<b>Letter to the Editor:</b> NAFTA lawsuit

Letter to the Editor: NAFTA lawsuit

Lots of coverage has been devoted to Prime Minister Trudeau's trip to Washington and what that means for the future of NAFTA.
<b>Letter to the Editor:</b> Economic growth

Letter to the Editor: Economic growth

To the editor: I attended the town hall meeting at the Italian Hall last Wednesday, Oct. 4 to hear about Frank Pullia’s and other assembled members of the city and their plan for economic growth.
<b>Letter to the Editor:</b>  New type of tax

Letter to the Editor: New type of tax

City hall staff are still quietly working on a plan to create a new type of tax on the land where your home and business sits. Believe it or not this new tax would cover the costs of getting rid of the rain that falls on your property.
<b>Letter to the Editor:</b> OSPCA's puppy removal

Letter to the Editor: OSPCA's puppy removal

A letter to the editor, After reading the article regarding the OSPCAs removal of 3 dead puppies from the ‘rural farm’ and the accompanying comments, I’m left with more questions than answers.
<b>Letter to the Editor:</b> Community at risk

Letter to the Editor: Community at risk

I would like to call out shelter house and superior points needle exchange programs.