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Letters to the Editor

<b>Letter to the editor:</b> Needless needles

Letter to the editor: Needless needles

I have been ashamed and mortified of our city and the infrastructure we have put in place to ensure that it remains a clean safe community.
<b>Letter to the editor: </b>Resolute at it again

Letter to the editor: Resolute at it again

‘Ruthless Resolute’ at it again! The Ontario government has given this Abitibi /Resolute power and trees for over a century to build company and communities.
<b>Letter to the editor:</b> Who and what is making your city taxes higher?

Letter to the editor: Who and what is making your city taxes higher?

To the editor: The Police Services and city council. Although city administration was sent back to reduce the tax levy, they were as we were shocked that city council directed almost all the savings to the Police Services. What a Shame.
<b>Letter to the editor:</b> Issues with roundabouts

Letter to the editor: Issues with roundabouts

I have to shake my head in disbelief again at not one, but two ill-informed opinions by people who don't even live here on the issue with roundabouts.
<b>Letter to the editor:</b> Kakabeka Falls Legion Half Marathon

Letter to the editor: Kakabeka Falls Legion Half Marathon

The Kakabeka Falls Legion Half Marathon and 8K scheduled for Aug. 18, 2019 opened for registration this morning -- Groundhog Day.
<b>Letter to the editor:</b> Chronic wasting disease spreads

Letter to the editor: Chronic wasting disease spreads

Further to your article “Chronic wasting disease spreads (CWD)” I wonder if other hunters have seen moose or deer in the bush around Thunder Bay that display symptoms? Signs of the disease include excessive salivation, loss of appetite, progressive w
<b>Letter to the editor:</b> There are no organ donor cards

Letter to the editor: There are no organ donor cards

I am writing to try and inform people who keep referring to “having signed or promote signing organ donor cards”. In June of 2011, the Government of Ontario created the online registration site “ ”.
<b>Letter to the editor:</b> Save Dease Pool

Letter to the editor: Save Dease Pool

My name is Jeanetty Gall Jumah, and McKellar Ward is where I grew up and live today.
<b>Letter to the editor:</b> Re: Dease Pool closure

Letter to the editor: Re: Dease Pool closure

To the editor: We are told no money is available to refurbish or replace Dease Pool. Yet parks and recreation department received a half million dollars from the Municipal Golf Course sale. I clearly recall Councillor Angus’ resolution.
<b>Letter to the editor:</b> City infrastructure

Letter to the editor: City infrastructure

It is all too apparent that the facelift to the city’s waterfront has come at a cost to the rest of Thunder Bay’s park infrastructure.