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The real Biggest Losers

Recently, a study of contestant from Season 8 of NBC’s The Biggest Loser were followed for six years. After completing a gruelling season of work-outs, diet, and being yelled at by trainers, all but one regained the weight.

Knowing when to say goodbye

One of the hardest things to learn growing up is how to say goodbye. It can be a painful process. On the first day of school, there are often tears and anxiety about entering this new phase. Sometimes teachers must step in to help.

Thoughtful comments or just more noise?

When the news hit about the terror attacks in Belgium, the world was shocked. For a second.

In movies veritas

For weeks, Hollywood has been building up to the Oscars. This year’s Best Film award went to Spotlight – the movie about the child molestation scandal and cover-up within the Boston Catholic Archdiocese. A huge honour, indeed.
The couch-potato diet

The couch-potato diet

In the midst of a cold and very snowy Sunday, many Thunder Bay residents watched the Panthers get crushed by the Broncos.

The real newsmakers of the year

Time Magazine announced its 2015 Newsmaker of the Year as Angela Merkel, the German chancellor who spoke out about economic strife in the Eurozone and Europe’s ongoing migrant crisis.

Has Dancing with the Stars lost its star power?

I’m a fan of Dancing with the Stars . Not for its dancing, per se, but for the idea that dance can bring out the best of us, regardless of our natural skill.

Summer lovin' happened so fast

Everybody loves the underdog. So when three slightly nerdy 21-year-old boys wandered on stage (one of them hobbling on crutches, no less) for this season’s America’s Got Talent, the audience was certainly behind them.

A forgettable “Unforgettable”?

If ever there was a show with nine lives, it’s CBS’s crime drama Unforgettable . The series starring Poppy Montgomery follows a New York City detective who has a condition that causes her to remember everything.

An uncertain future for Castle

Nathan Fillion fans across North America and the world have been watching recent events with a sense of fear and dread.