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Reality getting too close for comfort

When EdTV hit theatres in 1999, it still seemed preposterous people would want to watch other regular people’s everyday lives on TV. But then it happened in real life. Sort of.

The Killing Season

Every TV season sees a few recurring fads. Despite the goal of new and fresh ideas, Hollywood’s incestuous nature guarantees that similarly styled shows will pop up throughout the networks and cable empires.

The Colbert retort

Recently, Stephen Colbert was lambasted for a joke he made about Asians during his show, The Colbert ­Re­port.

The Good Wife takes a big risk [Spoilers]

Warning: This column contains major spoilers about a recent episode of The Good Wife. WARNING: This column discuses, in detail, major spoilers about an episode of The Good Wife. This is your second and final warning. There was no lingering goodbye.

An Olympic perspective

We all know television can warp our perspective. Some people still believe that DNA can be identified in a matter of minutes and that TV interviews are always live.

Playing nice at the games

Canadian athletes were expected to do well at the Sochi Olympics. Worldwide, the opinion was that this would be our year. After all, it is the winter games and Canada is the great white north. But medals weren’t enough.

The aging idols

I wasn’t ready for it. First there was one, then another. I’m not sure how, but the ladies I grew up with have gotten older.

The year's hottest villain

You might have seen Friday night’s line-up on Global Thunder Bay and thought, “There’s been a mistake.” At 9 p.m. you’ll see Avalanche Sharks. Perhaps you thought, “Avalanche means snow and mountain.

Questions of morality

It used to be that someone died, 55 minutes later the case was solved and everyone went home. Occasionally, it was a little bigger than that and we were “continued” into the following week.

Do we want to be offended?

This week, the stars of 2 Broke Girls are hosting the People’s Choice Awards – a show that embraces viewers’ favourite everything from music to movies to television. Ironically, this high is matched by a new low – so to speak.