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Live long and prosper

Leonard Nimoy passed away just one month shy of his 84th birthday. Despite a long and varied career, Mr. Spock is still the first thing we think of when we hear his name.

The changing image of perfection

It’s once again that special time of year when men flock to the newsstand to pick up the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Because, yes, those bikini-clad babes are all about the sports.

So much more than a football game

The Super Bowl is this Sunday. Why do I know this? It’s not because I’ve been keeping track of the games. Or that we’re airing the game locally. No.

A healthy new year

The new year has sprung on us with enough cold to have even the heartiest Northwesterner hiding indoors, tucking into hot drinks and comfort foods for warmth.

Eaten alive goes too far

It seems there’s no line television won’t cross. Remember in 1999 when Ed TV starring Matthew McConaughey came out in theatres? It was a film about an everyday guy who is trapped in a reality show about his life.

Goodbye Mrs. Wolowitz

Viewers were in shock and mourning last week at the news of the death of Mrs. Wolowitz. Writers can say they’re still working on how to deal with her passing, but for diehard Big Bang Theory fans, Mrs.

Hollywood reunion mania

Every time I go online, I discover another blast from my TV-ed past. Cast members from shows long gone keep gathering for photo sessions and interviews.

Stalker makes for scary TV

People like to be scared – especially in theatres or at ­Hal­lo­ween. So it’s no surprise that television is always looking for ways to join the screaming crowd and frighten the pee out of us.

How do shows really rate?

Recently, the entertainment industry was told of a small glitch in the TV ratings system in the U.S. Now, when it comes to technology, we’re all used to errors and technical issues creeping up.

The truth behind the masked man

When I was a kid, everyone played the superhero at some point. Wonder Woman was my go-to girl.