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Summer lovin' happened so fast

Everybody loves the underdog. So when three slightly nerdy 21-year-old boys wandered on stage (one of them hobbling on crutches, no less) for this season’s America’s Got Talent, the audience was certainly behind them.

A forgettable “Unforgettable”?

If ever there was a show with nine lives, it’s CBS’s crime drama Unforgettable . The series starring Poppy Montgomery follows a New York City detective who has a condition that causes her to remember everything.

An uncertain future for Castle

Nathan Fillion fans across North America and the world have been watching recent events with a sense of fear and dread.

Easter is more than a church story

In the Christian church, this is Holy week – a final countdown to the most important time in the Christian calendar.

Goodbye to McKinley High

Last Friday, Gleeks everywhere said goodbye to Mr. Schue and the glee club at McKinley High with what could only be described as one of the nicest finales ever written – ironic from a show that was often catty in its comedy.

Transgender television hits airwaves

Jazz Jennings is probably the most well-known transgender teenager in the world at this time.

Binging is bad

You hear more and more about it: binge-watching programs for hours at a time. People wait months for a show to become available on Netflix so they can spend the weekend watching an entire season in one or two sittings. Television sure has changed.

Live long and prosper

Leonard Nimoy passed away just one month shy of his 84th birthday. Despite a long and varied career, Mr. Spock is still the first thing we think of when we hear his name.

The changing image of perfection

It’s once again that special time of year when men flock to the newsstand to pick up the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Because, yes, those bikini-clad babes are all about the sports.

So much more than a football game

The Super Bowl is this Sunday. Why do I know this? It’s not because I’ve been keeping track of the games. Or that we’re airing the game locally. No.