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Letters to the Editor

Savings in place for Northern residents

Last week, Bill 44, an Act to implement the Northern Ontario Energy credit was debated in the Ontario legislature. This bill was solely about the Northern Ontario Energy Credit and the relief this will bring to people in northern Ontario.

Giving students summer opportunities

With the May long weekend nearly upon us it is safe to say that summer is just around the corner. For some, that time will come sooner.

Ignatieff visit offers old promise

With the weather warming and summer just around the corner, more people are starting to come to Northwestern Ontario to for a visit. This week though, we had a visitor of a different kind grace us with his presence.

Reforming Ontario’s drug system

I’ve recently received a lot of questions about our government’s efforts to reform Ontario’s drug system. People have asked me for more information about what we’re planning to do and why.

Blame toddlers

This message is for the three-year-olds living in Thunder Bay and the surrounding region. Toddlers have been getting some bad press lately and it looks to me like somebody is hitting below the belt (or pampers) on this one.

No more local connection

To the editor: I was shocked and disappointed the other day when I called into my TBayTel home security centre. I had accidently tripped my own security system and I quickly called in the false alarm.

Best use?

To the editor: Highest and best use...The city used this real-estate phrase over and over again to justify the redevelopment of Marina Park, which included the selling of the very best part of our publicly owned park land.

Editorial - Tenure plan has promise

The Ontario Forest Industry Association on Tuesday came out against the framework revealed last week by the province outlining its plan to reform forest tenure. The Toronto-based organization couldn’t be more off base.

Why wait to spend?

I feel great. I am part of a large group that recently won the lottery. Well, maybe we didn’t exactly win the lottery but we were presented with $15 million to be divided among us. All we have to do now is decide what to do with the cash.

Freedom in truth

To the editor: I have some reflections on the crisis in the Roman Catholic Church related to sexual abuse. The church is both a religious and political organization.
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