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Letters to the Editor

Say it with words

Every year about this time I run out of things to say. No matter what the topic is it seems like I can’t find the words. I think I need some new material.

Buildings missing

To the editor: I read with interest the letter "Signs of the Times" by Jon Hutt about the Renew Thunder Bay signage at the waterfront. He raises a good point about the visibility of the signs.

Meetings inaudible

To the editor: I have expressed my concern on several occasions about the sound quality of city meetings broadcast on our community cable channel. Ms. Hendrick has promptly explained the issue is being looked at.

Companion grant clarified

To the editor: In response to a Letter to the Editor published in the Jan.

Competing at our best

Much has been written about Canada’s less-than-stellar Olympic performance. Instead of own the podium, pundits, particularly from south of the border, are saying we’ve blown the podium or flown the podium.

Retirement time

On New Year’s Eve I was in the Metro grocery store and the pace was hectic. Everyone was getting ready for the evening’s festivities.

Sign of the times

To the editor: This past November, several signs were erected in Marina Park. These signs promote the Renew Thunder Bay program. These signs also contain a revised plan of Prince Arthur’s Landing.

Club won’t be missed

To the editor: It’s quite obvious you never visited the 555, a.k.a. the 777, bar. To call it a night club is one of the greatest stretches of imagination I have ever heard.

Road fixes too much?

Adding a cloverleaf to the Thunder Bay Expressway has its merits – just not where the provincial government is planning to put it.

New leader a nice fit

It was an exhaustive search, but in the end Lakehead University’s board of governors believe they got their man.