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Letters to the Editor

Letter fell short

To the editor: Stewart Rathje's letter to the editor (Thunder Bay Source, March 26, 2010) was, for the most part, well written and thought provoking.

Citizen misinformed

To the editor: In vigorous response to Mr. Rathje’s letter (Thunder Bay Source, March 26, 2010) I would ask readers to seriously consider the flaws in his argument as well as the negligent misinformation held therein.

Mayor's race could be fun

October is starting to get very, very interesting. On Thursday, retired Police Association president Keith Hobbs officially threw his hat into the mayor’s race, giving the city its first true race since 2003.

Ontario budget makes North a priority

Northern Ontario is a top priority in this year’s provincial budget. As part of our Open Ontario plan, the 2010 Budget provides $1.2 billion in new funding that will create jobs and economic growth throughout the north.

Pension bill likely to pass

This past week I was happy to table a new Private Members’ Bill that will help secure the pensions of workers at companies that enter bankruptcy proceedings or undertake supervised restructuring.

U.S. spring break

It was spring break in Thunder Bay and we had a problem - where to go and what to do. I don’t really have a Punta Cana disposition so I vetoed the South Seas right away.

Different, not less

Recently there was an article discussing the possibility that former Deputy Premier George Smitherman and his partner were attempting to adopt a child.

Watch your purse

To the editor: I was at a southside restaurant eating supper with a friend three weeks ago when all of a sudden a man shoved me. He grabbed my purse, which was under my jacket. I yelled out; the waitress chased him. My friend also chased him.

No process to say thanks

I contacted the police department non-emergency number and due to a high call rate was placed on an automated system that gave me several choices. These included an extension to file a complaint against a police officer.

City needs ombudsman

To the editor: I had this Toronto Star article brought to my attention because it shows just how behind the times the city of Thunder Bay is when it comes to dealing with citizen complaints. The City of Thunder Bay needs an ombudsman.
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