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Letters to the Editor

Editorial - Stop crime in its tracks

Keith Hobbs has it partially right. The mayoral candidate has been preaching for years that the city is approaching crime prevention from the wrong direction.

Health for Life: Buliding healthy body image

Q: My 13 year old daughter has been feeling down since she didn’t get chosen as a flyer for the cheerleading team. She insists she is fat compared to all her friends.

2010 election an exciting one

Isn’t election season fun? The 2010 municipal race may be the best we’ve ever seen in Thunder Bay. Just look at the races that are shaping up.

Liars, fraudsters and cheats

According to the Canadian Council on Learning we have a problem. If their report “Liars, Fraudsters and Cheats” is correct, we no longer know the difference between right and wrong.

All about location

To the editor: There is no question the world wide usage of all forms of energy is of paramount concern and the development of alternative sources of energy production must be a priority for the future.

Zoning overhaul

To the editor: Just over 23 years ago, the City of Thunder Bay’s first zoning bylaw came into effect as a unified and coordinated land use planning tool for the entire city.

Gun registry should go

Bruce Hyer and John Rafferty must stick to their guns – literally.

Letter: Bylaw changes favour construction, real-estate companies

To the editor: So once again the council will show that it is in service to local real estate developers and the construction industry by removing any input from people in the neighbourhood and allowing unrestricted development.

Working-class hero

The traveling public was mildly amused this week when disgruntled flight attendant Steven Slater struck a blow for abused, overworked and underappreciated workers everywhere.

Letter: City overspending

To the editor: I was glad to see John Brewer's “Feeling ignored” and Andy Wolff's “It’s as bad as it seems” letters to the editor in last week’s edition of Thunder Bay Source.
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