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The Salubrious Scoop

The Dirty Dozen & The Clean 15

It seems everyone, or a good number anyway, of people want to be healthier. We are seeing a shift in society and trends are gearing towards clean, healthy options.

12 Must Do Fat Loss Tips

To successfully reach and maintain your fat loss goals, it is important to have a sound, science-backed approach. Here are 12 fat loss tips pulled from research papers and tested in real gyms. 1.
The power of antioxidants

The power of antioxidants

Nutrition’s double-edged sword ake a look in any health and fitness magazine, health food and supplement store and you will be overrun by statements that promote antioxidants as the health boosting, life changing, natural weight loss enhancers
Liquid calories could be sabotaging your health

Liquid calories could be sabotaging your health

Six Pillars of Nutrition: 1. Eat Multiple Meals 2. Reduced Processed Foods 3. Have Plenty of Fruits & Vegetables 4. Drink Lots of Water 5. Consume Lean Proteins 6.

8 Ways To Help Keep Weight Off For Good

One of the biggest problems I see people have after the many struggles, sweat and tears to take off the weight is keeping it off.

HIIT Workouts To Burn Fat!

To follow up from last week, I wanted to share a High Intensity workout to help you along your way. There are many ways to perform HIIT, but this will give you some new ideas and help those just starting out.

Cardio or Weight Training For Fat Loss?

A big question that never seems to get a straight answer. So here goes. The BEST way to lose belly fat is by doing strength training and high-intensity intervals (HIIT).

What is Kefir? – The 3-K’s to Ultimate Health

(pronounced k?-FEER) Referred to as “magic milk” due to its prolific health benefits, Kefir is milk that has been fermented with the Kefir grain. It is much like buttermilk or a plain yogurt and is probiotic-rich and high in fibre.

What is Kimchi? - The 3-K’s to Ultimate Health

Kimchi is a traditional fermented Korean delicacy, which is made from vegetables, cabbage and seasonings. It is a low-calorie, high fibre and nutrient-packed side dish with a storehouse of vitamins A, B1, B2 and C.

What is Kombucha? The 3-K’s to ultimate health part 2

Kombucha is fermented tea, which is obtained by the fermentation of sweetened tea with a symbiotic association of acetic acid bacteria and specific yeast cultures.