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Letters to the Editor

Don’t let prorogation become a distraction

There is, for good reason, a lot of enthusiasm across the country as the groundswell against Stephen Harper’s cynical shuttering of parliament continues to grow.

X-ray specs and other reactions to ‘booty bomber’

Our American neighbours got a booty call recently when a Nigerian terrorist attempted to blow up a plane and murder almost 300 passengers and crew with his home made underwear bomb.

2009: what a year

I had just turned 48 as 2008 ended and Ottawa was in turmoil. A coalition government was in the air or worse the country faced a possible federal election only a few months after the previous one.

Municipal election-time

It’s 2010 and that means it’s municipal election time in Thunder Bay. Sounds like it could be an interesting one, especially in the race for the mayor’s chair.