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Letters to the Editor

Freedom in truth

To the editor: I have some reflections on the crisis in the Roman Catholic Church related to sexual abuse. The church is both a religious and political organization.

Flawed designs

To the editor: Have you ever noticed how relaxing driving through the prairies can be? Have you ever noticed how relaxing sitting on your deck looking out over the lake at your cottage can be? These are just two examples of how strong horizontal line

Plans are a safety risk

To the editor: Further to numerous recent letters to the editor, the writers and the public in general may not be aware that in the early 1990s (excluding the Copenhagen/Hodder intersection) the provincial government saw the necessary need, conducted

EDITORIAL - Vote should go online

We can now shop, bank and even pay our federal taxes online. Eventually we will be able to vote online. City council, however, in an odd 8-5 decision Monday decided voting online, by phone or mail would have to wait at least another couple of years.

Local service not great

To the editor: I had the pleasure of listening to Harold Wilson, president of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce last Monday morning trying to convince Thunder Bay residents to stay home and enjoy the many benefits of shopping locally rather than sp

EDITORIAL - Dividend a blessing

The city’s Renew Thunder Bay plan is off to a rousing start, working out better than city manager Tim Commisso dared to envision when he first proposed it last year. On Wednesday TBayTel made its first contribution, to the tune of $15.

Keep 12 councillors

To the editor: There was talk about dropping city councillors from 12 to four. It seemed to me this proposal melded well into what is now a worldwide trend. Every president, prime minister and Christian leader has been calling for a "New World Order.

City could make history

To the editor: Wow! If this windfarm goes ahead, our current council will be credited in the history books for being the first to exploit and deface the 2.5 billion year old Nor’Westers.

Dare to dream

I find it interesting how dreams play such a large role in our language, our culture and our hopes and aspirations. From the time when our mothers first wish us sweet dreams until we draw our last breath, most of us are chasing one dream or another.

Abuse of power

They say the only two sure things in life are death and taxes. A visit from the Grim Reaper is tragic but some Canadian taxpayers are finding out that when the Canada Revenue Agency comes to call, it can be almost as bad.
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