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Letters to the Editor

Holodomor horror

Most of us are aware of various atrocities in the history of mankind. Our ability to inflict incredible horror on each other is as old as man himself.

Keep the course

Once again the city’s golf courses are coming under fire. Councillors, arguing against a tax-supported model, brought up the notion of selling one course – Municipal – to save the others.

Great show in Kakabeka

To the editor: Boy, did a lot of folks ever miss a great show. The Kakabeka Legion held an evening of great food and wonderful entertainment on Friday, Nov. 20 and Saturday, Nov. 21.

Harper’s hidden agenda

To the editor: So this man, Stephen Harper (I can no longer call him Prime Minister) has once again aborted the democratic process of our Parliament by a second prorogation.

Prorogue’s true meaning

To the editor: Canadians are justifiably upset and concerned by Stephen Harper’s prorogation of Parliament. It is the fourth time in just three years that the Prime Minister has shut down Parliament.

Private sector disappears

To the editor: It appears to me that one very important link has been missing in the makeup of the past four years of progress in the City of Thunder Bay.

Don’t let prorogation become a distraction

There is, for good reason, a lot of enthusiasm across the country as the groundswell against Stephen Harper’s cynical shuttering of parliament continues to grow.

X-ray specs and other reactions to ‘booty bomber’

Our American neighbours got a booty call recently when a Nigerian terrorist attempted to blow up a plane and murder almost 300 passengers and crew with his home made underwear bomb.

2009: what a year

I had just turned 48 as 2008 ended and Ottawa was in turmoil. A coalition government was in the air or worse the country faced a possible federal election only a few months after the previous one.

Municipal election-time

It’s 2010 and that means it’s municipal election time in Thunder Bay. Sounds like it could be an interesting one, especially in the race for the mayor’s chair.
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