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Letters to the Editor

Club won’t be missed

To the editor: It’s quite obvious you never visited the 555, a.k.a. the 777, bar. To call it a night club is one of the greatest stretches of imagination I have ever heard.

Road fixes too much?

Adding a cloverleaf to the Thunder Bay Expressway has its merits – just not where the provincial government is planning to put it.

New leader a nice fit

It was an exhaustive search, but in the end Lakehead University’s board of governors believe they got their man.

The third Monday

Anybody who works for a living appreciates stat holidays. It is a Canadian tradition to live for the weekends and if it happens to be a long one, party on dude. As we prepare for our newest statutory holiday, Family Day on Feb.

Time for a competitive forestry sector

Some recent developments on the forestry file are presenting challenges and opportunities for the sector in Canada.

Financial waterfront issues continue

Dear Editor, It was pretty entertaining watching city council debate the waterfront co-ordinator’s latest request for more funding for the Prince Arthur’s Landing project. Coun.

Hold the line for safer roads

On Monday, police began issuing tickets to people using handheld cell phones and wireless devices while driving.

Replying to Zwig

To the editor: I, along with many residents of Thunder Bay, recently received an open letter from Anthony Zwig, President and CEO of Horizon Wind Inc.

All shook up

Half of life is hardships. The other half is getting over them. The people of Haiti have faced many obstacles in the past but the earthquake on Jan.12 seems almost too much to bear. Mother Nature does not play favourites.

Cyclotron not a priority

To the editor: The current plans for a cyclotron at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre reminds me of the same faulty logic used to build a design-as-you-go hospital that lacks sufficient beds, is poorly designed, and operated with insufficie
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